Birthdays Spark Memories!

Photo-2014 Book of Lists party

PRofessional Solutions, LLC CEO Kate Perrin with Steve Winter, Adam Shapiro & Anthony Shop at 2014 “Book of Lists” party. Photo credit and special thanks to Capitol Communicator.

As May, our birthday month, winds down, we wanted to share one more special memory from our company’s 23-year history.

In 2014, PRofessional Solutions, LLC was recognized by the Washington Business Journal “Book of Lists” as being among the Top 25 Staffing Companies in the Washington, DC Metro area.

This was an exciting honor for a boutique staffing firm like ours!

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Turning 23: A Look in the Rearview Mirror

As PRofessional Solutions, LLC celebrates its 23rd birthday this month, we wanted to 23-birthdayshare a few memories from the highlight reel of our company’s history.

Most Unusual Assignments

With 23 years of assignments, there have been many wonderful clients and projects, but these two stand out as the most remarkable:

NOAA’s Raising of the USS Monitor, 2001-02

USS Monitor engine_recovery

Recovery of USS Monitor Engine; Photo Credit NOAA

The only occasion where the temp wasn’t working on dry land. This job included escorting reporters by ship off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC to where Navy divers worked in conjunction with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to recover the shipwrecked, historic USS Monitor. It had been resting on the ocean floor since 1862.


American Red Cross Relief Flight, 1999

In preparation for a flight bringing supplies to Macedonia during the Kosovo Conflict, our temp was doing media advance work since the President of the American Red Cross and a group of reporters would be on board to visit the area for 48 hours. Shortly before departure, the temp was invited to join the delegation since his background included military public affairs experience. This was the only assignment where one of our temps needed a passport for the job. Luckily, his was up to date and he was ready to travel at a moment’s notice!


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Communications Professional Societies Source for Continuing Education

March2017-PRSAinterviewYou’ve heard it from us before: participation in professional societies can be invaluable to public relations and other communications professionals.

Most communicators think the value is all in networking, particularly when they need to connect during a new job search.  But overlooking the continuing education benefits of programs that keep members and guests current on changing social media platforms and new measurement strategies means short-changing some of the most important contributions to your career that groups like the Public Relations Society of America, Washington Women in Public Relations and the International Association of Business Communicators provide.

For businesses like PRofessional Solutions professional societies keep us in contact with potential clients and employees, as well as up-to-date on what they want and need to be successful.  For us, sponsorships and involvement make for a win-win proposition.  They also provide opportunities like a recent PRSA-NCC YouTube interview  that allowed me to share my thoughts on changes in the profession while expanding our visibility.  Thank you, PRSA-NCC!

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Breakfast and Business – Personal Pleasures that Build Business Networks

AU coffee chat

People tell me they don’t like networking, but they forget that fun activities are networking, too. I find involvement at my alma mater, which I love, benefits PRofessional Solutions — and PRofessional Solutions benefits fellow alumni.

Tomorrow it will be my pleasure to co-host the latest Women’s Network and Eagle’s Nest Coffee Chat on campus. Alumnae, faculty, staff, and students of American University get together several times a semester for a casual networking and mentoring gathering over coffee and continental breakfast. It’s a 90 minute event designed to ignite entrepreneurialism, engage free thought, and inspire new camaraderie among AU’s alumnae.  For me it’s always a chance to mix with women who may become colleagues, PR temps, clients or just friends.

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Being a Connector

Kate PerrinLearn more about our CEO, Kate Perrin, and her thoughts on being “a connector” by watching this  “Communicator Spotlight” video, part of a series produced by Van Eperen in partnership with Capitol Communicator.

See if you already knew her answer to the “thing that almost no one knows about me” question.

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What Employers Are Looking For

The comic strip “Dustin”, created by Steve Kelley & Jeff Parker, consistently highlights insights about employment and the job search worth noting.  Today’s strip is no exception.Dustin-employer focus

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Five Expert Tips on How to be a Star Panelist

A panel is a great opportunity to share your expertise, highlight what you know and establish yourself as a leader in your field. But the audience has registered, paid and given up valuable time to attend and learn something relevant and useful, so be sure to deliver!

PRofessional Solutions President Kate Perrin is a frequent panelist on proSusy-Kate-Danagrams about PR hiring trends and career information. Here are her five expert tips on how to shine during your next panel presentation.

  1. Know your audience and their expectations. Before you agree to participate, ask the organizer what specifically the audience should take away and the general make-up of the audience. If you’re not an expert on the topic, turn down the invitation.
  2. It’s unforgivable when a panelist says, “I haven’t prepared anything formal. I thought it would be more valuable to just answer your questions.” This disrespects the audience and your hosts.
  3. Plan your story. Come up with clever introductions to your points and engaging personal examples that support your point of view. Go ahead and be a little provocative so you’ll catch people’s attention and make them think about what you’re saying.
  4. Don’t just wait your turn. Panels are more interesting when the panelists engage each other, not wait their turn. It’s stimulating when you introduce another viewpoint by saying “Let me add something to that idea” or “My experience has led me to a different conclusion”. It’s boring when all the panelists agree with each other.
  5. Involve the audience. Ask questions and for a show of hands or pose a problem to the audience to get them thinking.
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