People Who’ve Been Part of PRofessional Solutions’ 20 Years: February Profile

Each month this year we want you to hear from one of the hundreds of people who’ve helped build our success over 20 years. This month, please meet Greg Hernandez, FDIC Office of Communications, our first government agency placement.

greg-hernandez-fdicBecoming a G-man
I was a broadcast journalist for more than 20 years and decided to leave the industry in 1994. What does a former reporter do in Washington? Media relations.

In 1995 I was a consultant for a number of firms. While pursuing other assignments, I found PRofessional Solutions through an ad for Washington’s first PR temp agency. NOAA Public Affairs at the Commerce Department was my first assignment and I had covered NOAA news conferences on hurricanes and other weather events while at ABC news.

After two weeks on the job, the two department directors asked if I’d be interested in a full-time position. I worked the assignment for PRofessional Solutions for nearly a year before a position was created for me.

This year marks 19 years in the federal government. I’ve worked as a spokesman for NOAA, U.S. Mint and the FDIC. I was deployed to Cape Cod for the search of John Kennedy Jr.’s plane, witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and had a front-row seat to the financial crisis where hundreds of banks failed. I owe it all to Kate Perrin and PRofessional Solutions. Happy Anniversary!

About Melanie Jordan

Melanie Jordan is Managing Director of PRofessional Solutions, LLC, a public relations temporary staffing firm located in Washington, DC.
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