What Works: Video, E-Greeting or Card?

To help us with our decision about what format to use for PRofessional Solutions’ holiday greetings we asked some respected colleagues to weigh in on trends they’ve observed with recent holiday business communications.  

Susan Rink, award-winning strategic employee communications professional, formerly with Sprint Nextel and Marriott International, Inc., and now owner of Rink Strategic Communications, LLC, has tried a variety of approaches to seasonal Imagegreetings to clients and prospects. As one of our clients earlier in her career, and someone we hold in high regard as an expert in internal communications, we asked Rink what works with holiday greetings.   

“A few years ago, when I was recording internal communications videos for my YouTube channel, I also recorded a brief holiday greeting video, which I posted on my company’s Facebook page and distributed via an electronic greeting card (check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGo-AOMX2ws&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL56D475CC8AEF95BF). I received excellent feedback the first year I distributed a video greeting, but the second year the number of views dropped off a bit,” shares Rink. 

“I’ve since come to understand that my target client is bombarded by broadcast emails and the end of the calendar year is a particularly busy time for most of them. As a result, my attractive, fun electronic card would be deleted unread.”

“So I’ve reverted to mailing out holiday cards with a short personal note, timed to arrive the week after Thanksgiving. Roughly 75% of the recipients take the time to email or call to thank me for the card, and many tell me that they have it displayed in their office or reception area.”

“I haven’t entirely given up on digital greetings”, says Rink. “In the days leading up to the New Year, I make a habit of posting holiday images and notes on my company’s Facebook page to reach followers not on my mailing list.”

About Kate Perrin

Kate Perrin is CEO of PRofessional Solutions, LLC, the Washington, DC area's only public relations temporary staffing firm. PRofessional Solutions, founded in 1994, was named one of the 25 largest staffing agencies in the metropolitan area in 2015 by the Washington Business Journal. It's also proud sponsor of Washington Women in Public Relations and the Public Relations Society of America's National Capital Chapter.
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