Use Powerful Body Language to Land a Job, Move Ahead in Your Career

How you stand or sit can affect your success according to new research.  Striking a powerful, expansive pose actually changes a person’s hormones and behavior, just as if he or she haImaged real power.

In fact, in a study led by Amy J.C. Cuddy, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, participants who struck power poses (standing tall, leaning slightly forward with hands at one’s side, or leaning forward over a desk with hands planted firmly on its surface) for several minutes before beginning a mock job interview received better reviews and were more likely to be selected tor hire, even though the interviewers hadn’t seen them in the poses.

Read more in Sue Shellenbarger’s piece in the Wall Street Journal.

About Kate Perrin

Kate Perrin is CEO of PRofessional Solutions, LLC, the Washington, DC area's only public relations temporary staffing firm. PRofessional Solutions, founded in 1994, was named one of the 25 largest staffing agencies in the metropolitan area in 2015 by the Washington Business Journal. It's also proud sponsor of Washington Women in Public Relations and the Public Relations Society of America's National Capital Chapter.
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