Resolutions PR Pros Should Make Each Year

From the January issue of “Smart Solutions”, PRofessional Solutions’ e-newsletter:

Happy 2013!We’ve been in the PR staffing business for nearly 20 years so we’ve seen colleagues succeed and fail, and our own resolution every year is to help clients and colleagues have a successful and prosperous year. So here are our Top 10 Resolutions to boost your PR career this year:


  1. Be better informed about both your client’s needs and the issues of their field/industry. You’ll add value and achieve the best results.
  2. Learn to use at least one new technological tool this year – and know when NOT to use it! Tell your client not just how but when to use the latest trends in technology.
  3. Help a beginner. Make our profession better and stronger. Teach an intern. Give a staffer career advice. Help someone find the right job.
  4. Speak with people – live! Email, text messages and the like have a place, but there’s nothing like conversation for building relationships and effective communication.
  5. Get active in a professional society. Don’t wait until you’re looking for a new job – improve connections by becoming active and well-known.
  6. Blow your own horn. Promote your team’s accomplishments by entering their work in competitions. Focusing on success makes both staff and clients appreciative.
  7. Blow someone else’s horn. Nominate those you admire for the Washington Women in Public Relations PR Woman of the Year or Emerging Leaders awards.Write genuine recommendations for colleagues on LinkedIn.
  8. Take a writing refresher course. Think you’re good? You can still learn – or re-learn – something. No skill is more important in PR.
  9. Send personal notes. Send them to reporters who do good work, to colleagues who get new jobs, and to those who’ve helped you or your team accomplish something.You’ll show appreciation and build relationships.
  10. Start or update a portfolio. This tool can remind you why you’re where you are and show someone else why they should hire you. (Read the portfolio tips on our blog.) 

About Melanie Jordan

Melanie Jordan is Managing Director of PRofessional Solutions, LLC, a public relations temporary staffing firm located in Washington, DC.
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