“Temps: 3 Reasons to Hire Them Right Now”-Forbes

Forbes contributor Kevin Kruse makes the case in his article, “Temps: 3 Reasons to Hire Them Right Now” for using temporary specialty staff in a proactive way instead of for traditional reasons–maternity leave and medical coverages, filling vacancies, expanding your staff during growth periods, supplementing staff during extremely busy periods–which he considers a “reactive tactic to business demands”.

Instead, Kruse poses looking at temporary workforce from a different perspective, a more proactive strategy. He suggests using highly skilled temporary staff to supplement existing in-house talent and provide a fresh perspective on projects. In addition, he recommends the temp-to-perm strategy as an excellent method for hiring permanent staff members.

We, here at PRofessionals Solutions, LLC, couldn’t agree more!

About Melanie Jordan

Melanie Jordan is Managing Director of PRofessional Solutions, LLC, a public relations temporary staffing firm located in Washington, DC.
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